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Emergency Resources

For more information on local resources in Arkansas for the March 31, 2023 tornado damages, scroll down for information from Logan Perkes, FEMA representative:


Click on the links below to find out

how to get the help you need:


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - Contact person is LOGAN PERKES.  She has been sent to Little Rock and will be able to help any Deaf / HoH / DeafBlind. 

Text is (202)-215-8397. 

Email is


Resource To Be Added:


Resource To Be Added:


Resource To Be Added:

From Ms. Logan Perkes:


I want to ensure that the disability, Deaf, and other access and functional needs communities have access to the resources they need to get the help from FEMA.


Step one is always applying.  


Here is the ASL video to learn how to apply for disaster assistance: FEMA Accessible: Three Ways to Register for FEMA Disaster Assistance - YouTube


Here is the English video: 3 Ways to Apply for Assistance During Presidential Major Disaster Declaration - YouTube


Here is the Spanish video: 3 maneras para solicitar ayuda de FEMA - YouTube


The American Red Cross has opened more shelters for anyone who may need one:


Calvary Baptist Church

5700 Cantrell Rd

Little Rock, AR 72207


The Tech Center

1790 N Falls Blvd

Wynne, AR 72396


Wayne Assembly of God Church

1900 North Killough Rd

Wynne, AR 72396


Wayne Baptist Church

1200 E Bridges Ave

Wayne, AR 72396


Wayne Junior High

849 Eldridge Ave

Wayne, AR 72396


A Family Assistance Center is now open in Little Rock from 10 am to 7 pm. It is being operated by the City of Little Rock. The address is:


Imanuel Baptist City Center

315 N Shackleford Rd

Little Rock, AR 72211


If you or anyone you assist with a disability or access and functional need is unable to access any of these services, please contact me immediately for assistance. You can call or text at 202-215-8397 or contact me by email.


Thank you,


Logan Perkes, M.S., CRC

Management Analyst | Portfolio Disability Integration Specialist - Arkansas

FEMA Region 6 | Recovery Office

(202) 215-8397 (Mobile) | Pronouns: she/her


Federal Emergency Management Agency

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