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I am the AAD President, Kitsonia (shows sign name). I want to announce - we will have ORTD.  What's that? O - Over R - Round  T - Table  D - Discussion. 

HEY.  Something different.  ORTD - tables will be set up differently by discussion. 

For example -  Interpreting issues at one table, education related to IEPs, 504s, behavior plans at another table, jobs - what (kind) ARS relates to for jobs, general discussion, and financial issues - easy for people to sit down by topic and learn about that topic at each table for 30 minutes (each). 

The first 20 minutes, the presenter at the table will explain the issue/topic, then 10 minutes you will have a chance to ask questions.  After the 30 minutes, then move to a new table.

From 11 - 5.  All day??? WAIT.  We will have breaks throughout the day.  AAD will provide lunch.  If you want to bring your own food/lunch, that is fine with us!

Please, come.  VERY IMPORTANT.

Also - GOOD NEWS.  We have TWO special guests: young ladies who flew out to YLC, stayed for one month and learned skills on leadership and brought those skills back. They will tell about their experiences.

PLEASE COME.  It's important for ASD parents and your rights (as parents) - learn how to advocate (stand up for) yourself. Advocacy is important! Also students' rights which are important too.  Come Saturday, August 5th - hope to see you there!

AAD Volunteers

at RAD Conference!

Tricia & Paula.jpeg

The Arkansas Association of the Deaf is proud to show support to the Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (RAD) during the RAD conference in Little Rock, Arkansas!

We are a proud and diverse community who all have one thing in common: We are a part of the Deaf community, no matter our unique identities and backgrounds.

In the picture: Tricia Tighe and Paula Lorenz smile as they pose in front of LGBT+ flags.



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